Innovative, sustainable, custom FRP pipes and pipe repair systems

  • InfinitPipe Gets USDA Boost

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) and the technology accelerator Larta Institute support InfinitPipe for its potential major benefits to agriculture. Read the full story on the PipeMedic Latest News page.

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  • Large Diameter Pipes

    We specialize in repair and retrofit of large diameter pipes and PCCP with carbon and glass FRP and have won international awards for such projects. We hold the record for having repaired the world's largest pipeline with FRP -- 1.1 mile of an 84-inch pipe in the mountainous terrains of Costa Rica in a record 15 days.

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  • Small Diameter Pipes

    Some of our PipeMedic® laminates are so flexible that they can be used to repair pipes as small as 3 inches in diameter. Even these flexible laminates have tensile strength of 60,000 psi, which is considerably stronger than mild steel. Installation can be performed with packer devices as shown here.

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  • Pressure Pipes for Gas Industry

    PipeMedic® is the only FRP product that has been tested by the Gas Technology Institute and has been approved for repair of pressurized natural gas pipelines. The thin laminates can be remotely installed, allowing the pipe to resist internal pressures in excess of 250 psi.

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  • StifPipe® : A Pipe in a Box

    The patent-pending StifPipe® is the most-recently product we have developed for repair of pipes and culverts. StifPipe® is a pre-manufactured pipe that can be constructed to any size and shape. It is ideal for situations where the liner must be capable of resisting considerable gravity load from traffic and soil pressure above.

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Innovation for Infrastructure Renewal

PipeMedic® by QuakeWrap is the industry leader in the development of innovative, sustainable FRP pipes and pipe repair systems for new construction and repair of existing pipelines. Pioneered by the company president, Professor Mo Ehsani, we have developed the following technologies:
Winner of 2016 ASCE Innovation Award, this technology uses a lightweight core sandwiched between layers of carbon or glass FRP to build a lightweight and strong pipe for slip-lining pressure pipes and culverts. StifPipe®, the world's first "green & sustainable" pipe can also be directly installed on the inner surface of a pipe using the wet layup method. Learn More
In this disruptive innovation, pipes of virtually any size can be manufactured continuously onsite, eliminating joints, transportation costs and delays. The development is supported with funds from the U.S. National Science Foundation. Learn More
Patented technology that uses a packer (or carrier) to install Carbon and glass FRP laminates for internal repair of pressure pipes. Winner of the 2011 Trenchless Technology Project of the Year Award. Learn More
In this technique, FRP fabric is saturated with epoxy and is wrapped around the outside or pressed against the inside surface of the pipe. The technique can be implemented by hand or using a packer (or carrier) for smaller diameter pipes. Learn More
Patent-pending technology that uses a special braided carbon tube for internal strengthening of high pressure gas, oil and water pipelines. Learn More
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Wet Layup Pipe Repair Wet Layup

is the original repair system that we pioneered in the late 1990s Learn More →

PipeMedic PipeMedic Laminates

We invented this Award-Winning product for repair of pressure pipes in 2009. Learn More →

StifPipe StifPipe

A honeycomb-FRP pipe we invented in 2010 for slip-lining gravity and/or pressure pipes. Learn More →

InfinitPipe InfinitPipe

A revolutionary on-site manufactured pipe of virtually any length and diameter. Learn More →

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2013 SBIR Phase I Grant from the NSF for studies on InfinitPipe. Learn More →