Innovative Products

At PipeMedic, LLC we pride ourselves as the global industry leader in developing new products for repair and rehabilitation of pipes and culverts. Below are some of our patent-pending products and technologies that we have developed in the last few years:

These high-strength laminates are constructed with carbon, glass or any combination of fibers and offer tensile strengths as high as 4 times that of steel. The products have been tested and approved by the natural gas industry for repair of steel pipelines operating under high pressure. Please click here to find out more about this product.


This unique product is the only pipe that can be pre-manufactured to any size and shape! StifPipe offers tremendous strength and stiffness and is ideal for culverts under roadways that are subjected to heavy overburden pressure from soil as well as traffic. Likewise, it can be used in repair of pressure pipes when the design requirements call for a "free-standing" pipe that can take both internal pressure and external loads. Please click here to find out more about this product.

This disruptive innovation is a game-changing technology that allows us to build a pipe of virtually any diameter and length on site. This eliminates the joints that are a constant source of leakage and maintenance. At the same time, construction delays and transportation time and costs will be significantly reduced. We have received a Small Business Innovation Research Grant (SBIR) from the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) for further development of this product. Some of the tests under this grant are being carried out at the Louisiana Tech University's Trenchless Technologies Center. Please click here to find out more about this product.

We are currently developing robots that can crawl inside a pipe and strengthen the pipe by application of carbon or glass fabric. The first generation of these robots is small enough to repair a 12-inch diameter pipe and will become available in late 2014. Due to the proprietary nature of this product, we are unable to post photographs and videos of the robot on line. Those interested in this technology are invited to contact our office.