PipeMedic Installation & News Videos

This page contains videos related to technical presentations or field installations of PipeMedic™. You can click on the YouTube link, whereby the video as stored on www.YouTube.com will play. Alternatively, in some cases, the video of the installation may be available on this website. For those whose browser cannot access YouTube, this provides an alternative way to watch the video.

Videos of Installation of PipeMedic
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Mobile Manufacturing Unit for InfinitPipe
This corrugated metal pipe culvert near Cairns, Australia was completed in June 2015. Thanks to StifPipe Technology, this project was easily completed.
A 90-year old riveted steel penstock in a hydroelectric power plant was repaired with carbon FRP.
29 deteriorated pipes in Aguirre Power Plant for Puerto Rico Electrical Power Authority (PREPA) were repaired with the Award-Winning StifPipe technology.
This is the longest project (1.1 miles x 84 inch diameter) for repair of pipelines with FRP and it was recognized by two international awards.
Mobile Manufacturing Unit for InfinitPipe
This video shows how the new InfinitPipe® technology can be used to construct a new pipeline or repair and retrofit existing corroded or leaking pipes.
Mobile Manufacturing Unit for InfinitPipe
The first prototype of the Mobile Manufactur- ing Unit (MMU) for construction of InfinitPipe® was completed in October 2014 to build an 8-inch (200-mm) diameter pipe that can resist a pressure of over 500 psi (35 bar).
Culvert Repair with StifPipe
The first project utilizing custom-manufactured StifPipe sections was completed in December 2012 to repair a 24-inch corroded corrugated metal pipe (CMP) culvert in Mobile Alabama.
On September 16, 2009, Professor Ehsani offered a webinar entitled ” The Latest Innovation in Pipe & Culvert Repair Using Carbon FRP,”. The event attracted over 440 participants from 18 countries.
Small Diameter Pipe Repair
A very thin and flexible PipeMedic laminate is used to demonstrate how an 8-inch (200 mm) diameter pipe can be repaired.
Bridging Gas Pipe
In an amazing application PipeMedic laminate is used to close a 24-inch gap in a natural gas pipe; the pipe was later tested successfully to a pressure of 250 psi!. The field application of this system for PSE&G received the 2011 Trenchless Technology Project of the Year Award.
San Bruno Gas Pipe Explosion
National Transportation Safety Board covers details of the San Bruno Gas Pipe Explosion that occurred on Sept 9, 2010, killing 8 people. Those weak pipes could be strengthened with PipeMedic laminates as shown in the above video. Read the full report here.
Open Culvert Repair
PipeMedic laminate is coiled and inserted into an open culvert for conveyance only. An epoxy paste can be used to bond the laminate to the host pipe and the ends can be sealed with grout.