Introduction to our Technologies

The Infrastructure Innovators

PipeMedic by QuakeWrap is the industry leader in the engineering, development and construction of innovative FRP systems for repair of pipes, culverts and the design of new pipelines. Pioneered by QuakeWrap Inc. president and CEO, Professor Mo Ehsani, PipeMedic offers these four proven technologies:
Patented technology that uses a lightweight core sandwiched between layers of carbon or glass FRP to build a lightweight and strong pipe for slip-lining pressure pipes and culverts. StifPipe® can also be directly installed on the inner surface of a pipe using the wet layup method. In this disruptive innovation, pipes of virtually any size can be manufactured continuously onsite, eliminating joints, transportation costs and delays. The development is supported with funds from the U.S. National Science Foundation. Patented technology that uses a packer (or carrier) to install Carbon and glass FRP laminates for internal repair of pressure pipes. Winner of the 2011 Trenchless Technology Project of the Year Award. In this technique, FRP fabric is saturated with epoxy and is wrapped around the outside or pressed against the inside surface of the pipe. The technique can be implemented by hand or using a packer (or carrier) for smaller diameter pipes.
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