Magazine Articles

Articles published in magazines and professional journals describing PipeMedic® and QuakeWrap® products:
Repair of Culverts with StifPipe By Mo Ehsani,Western Society for Trenchless Technology, Trenchless Review, 2013, pp. 23-25. A New Generation of FRP Laminates for Repair of Pipelines in Gas Industry By Mo Ehsani, ASCE Pipeline Conference,Miami, FL, August 2012. StifPipe®: Introducing a New Honeycomb-FRP Pipe By Mo Ehsani, ASCE Pipeline Conference, Miami, FL, August 2012. Winter Wonderland Does Wonders to CIPP Renewal of a High-Pressure Gas Main in New Jersey By Mario Carbone, Mo Ehsani, and George Ragula, NASTT No Dig Show, Nashville, TN, March 2012. 
Rehabilitating High-Temperature Aeration Piping at a Waste-water Treatment Plant - Challenges Faced and Lessons Learned By Jennifer Glynn, Tricia Butler, and Duane Larson, NASTT No Dig Show, Nashville, TN, March 2012. UA Engineer’s SuperLaminates are Industrial Surgery for Failing Infrastructure, Arizona Engineer September 12, 2011. StifPipe® For Repair of Pipes & Culverts By Mo Ehsani July 2011. Trenchless Emergency Repair of Mile-Long Penstock with FRP By Mo Ehsani, and Carlos Pena Concrete Repair Bulletin,March-April 2010, 8-11.
FRP SuperLaminates: Transforming the Future of Repair & Retrofit with FRP By Mo Ehsani, Concrete International, ACI, March 2010 Fiber Reinforced Polymer Pipe Lining: Emergency Repair to Penstock Allows Power Plant to Enter Service By Mo Ehsani, and Carlos Pena, Concrete International, December 2009, 50-53. Rehabilitate Pipelines With Minimal Downtime By Mo Ehsani, Opflow, AWWA December 2009, 22-25. FRP SuperLaminates Present Unparalleled Solutions to Old Problems By Mo Ehsani, Reinforced Plastics, Vol. 53, Issue 6, August-September 2009, pp. 40-45.
World's Largest Project on Pipe Renovation with FRP Completed Ahead of Schedule By Mo Ehsani, and Carlos PenaWestern Society for Trenchless Technology, Trenchless Review, 2009, 29-33 Restoration of Large Diameter Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI) Award of Excellence, Concrete Repair Bulletin, ICRI, Nov-Dec 2008, 45-47