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Highlights of the first sustainable pipe at ASCE Pipelines 2017

The 2016 ASCE Innovation Award winner for green and sustainable design will be featured at this year’s meeting of the American Society of Civil Engineers in Phoenix. ASCE Pipelines 2017, which is applying the theme of “Reliability and Resiliency through Sustainable Design and Construction,” to the conference forum for engineers and professionals involved in the pipeline infrastructure repair and renewal. This year’s gathering is Aug. 6 – 9 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Highlights demonstrating real world field applications of the Innovation Award winner, called StifPipe™, will be presented by the inventor of the technology, Mo Ehsani, Ph.D, PE, SE. Ehsani is Centennial Professor Emeritus of Civil Engineering at the University of Arizona, and is also president and CEO of QuakeWrap, Inc., the Tucson-based developer of this innovative fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) pipe system design.

“Sandwich Construction Carbon FRP Pipe” will feature key aspects of StifPipe’s construction, including its patented ability to handle extraordinary internal pressures and substantial external loads, and the ease of handling large segments of the pipe for installation crews on-site and in the field. Two separate repair sites, on opposite sides of the world, will be featured in this unique presentation.


StifPipe Wins 2016 ASCE Innovation Award
The American Society of Civil Engineers has selected StifPipe® as the winner of the 2016 Innovation Award in the category of "Best Value - Green Engineering". This honor recognizes StifPipe® as the world's first green and sustainable pipe technology. You can view sample projects using this technology by clicking on this link.

Energy Infrastructure for the 21st Century
The U.S. Capitol Hill blog published an article by Prof. Mo Ehsani on the role of pipelines and innovation on the future of energy development in the U.S. and abroad.

SBIR Grant boosts further testing of InfinitPipe -- The U.S. National Science Foundation awards QuakeWrap, Inc. a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Grant to further develop the InfinitPipe™. The $150,000 will be used to perform initial tests of this product. As a subcontractor to QuakeWrap, Inc. the Trenchless Technology Center at the Louisiana Tech University will conduct some of the tests.

PG&E Pipeline Upgrade Could Top $11 Billion
Following the San Bruno pipeline failure in September 2010, the National Transportation Safety Board conducted a detailed examination of that failure and as a result mandated PG&E to repair/replace the old faulty gas pipes. As reported in this article by San Francisco Chronicle, the cost of repair of these pipes exceeds $11 billion. Our PipeMedic technology that won the 2011 Trenchless Technology Project of the Year Award allows repair of these pipelines with minimal digging and disruption and at a fraction of the reported costs!

Buried No Longer: Confronting America's Water Infrastructure Challenge
American water Works Association (AWWA) estimates the massive investment needed for buried drinking water infrastructure in the United States totals more than $1 trillion between now and 2035!, February 2012, 37 pp.

SuperLaminates Bolster Broken Pipe -- The website of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers covered a story about the development of PipeMedic laminates and how they can be used to strengthen deteriorated pipelines for the gas industry. Please click here to read the full story.

PipeMedic Earns Trenchless Technology Rehab Project of the Year Award -- The very first field application of PipeMedic™ was to repair a leaking high pressure cast iron main for the gas industry in New Jersey. The project received the coveted Trenchless Technology Project of the Year Award. Please click here to read more about this project.

Gas Industry Approves PipeMedic -- The Gas Technology Institute has completed its evaluation of PipeMedic™ laminates for strengthening of pressurized steel pipelines in the gas industry. PipeMedic™ has been tested for pressures up to 250 psi and is now approved for repair of pipes in the natural gas industry. The executive summary of the test is available online by clicking here. To view the complete test report, please click here.

StifPipe Repairs Leaks at Brooklyn Bridge Park -- After trying several solutions that did not solve their problem, the Brooklyn Bridge Park Project in NY has chosen StifPipe™ as the system to repair nearly 100 leaking joints in 36-inch diameter HDPE pipes.