Save Time & Money

The use of our patent-pending PipeMedic™, StifPipe™ and InfinitPipe™ Carbon or Glass FRP products results in significant savings in time and money on large and small projects. Some of the key features of each of these products and their attributes is discussed below.

PipeMedic™ carbon or glass FRP laminates contribute to the efficiency of a project because:
  1. They eliminate the time needed in the field to saturate and cure the fabric
  2. They allow inclusion of multiple layers of fabric into a single laminate, further reducing field installation time
  3. There is no need for workers to remove air bubbles that often develop under the fabrics in wet lay-up system, and
  4. The high-quality of plant-manufactured laminates means there will be little remedial action necessary to correct poorly installed fabrics that fail to meet the project specifications.

StifPipe™ made with carbon or glass FRP and a light-weight honeycomb is a truly unique product that allows construction of customized pipes of any shape, size and strength. It offers countless savings to projects. Here is a sampling of some of the key attributes of this Carbon FRP product:

  1. All pipe sections made with glass or carbon FRP can be manufactured and delivered to the job site in advance, thereby significantly reducing the required installation time and disruption to customer's operations to repair the pipe
  2. The higher the number of layers of carbon FRP fabric required to strengthen the pipe, the larger the time savings
  3. Actual pipe sections can be tested and approved by the owner before they are installed in the pipe, eliminating the time necessary to correct remedial efforts that are often needed when wet lay-up systems are used, and
  4. Most culvert repairs can be completed in 2-3 days, with no traffic disruption!

Unique Advantages: Below is a list of some of the unique attributes of StifPipe™:

  1. Manufactured to any size; unlike conventional pipes, we are not limited to available “popular” pipe diameter sizes only. For example, it is possible to line a 60 inch diameter pipe with a StifPipe™ having an inside diameter of 58 inches, thereby maximizing the flow capacity.
  2. Made to any profile for maximum capacity; For repair of non-circular pipes, StifPipe™ can be constructed to match the existing pipe profile, reduce the loss of cross section and thus maximize the flow capacity. Conventional slip-lining of these pipes with commonly available cylindrical pipes leads to significant loss of capacity.
  3. No lifting equipment; StifPipe™ is so light that it can be hand-carried to its final position; StifPipe™ weighs only 15% of conventional GFRP pipes.
  4. Shorter repair time; Manufacturing the pipe sections off-site before repairs begin will significantly reduce the on-site repair time. The time savings are enormous when compared to installing many layers of carbon fabric inside the confined space of a pipe (as required by wet lay up technique) and delivering the raw materials to the workers under those adverse conditions at locations that could be hundreds of feet away from the access points.
  5. Less volume to grout; By constructing the pipe profile to closely fit that of the existing pipe, little volume will be left to be grouted or filled with resin. This results in materials and time savings during the installation.
  6. Virtually no lead time required; For emergency repairs, unlike conventional pipes, no time is lost waiting for the manufacturing of pipes; the raw material is always available and pipe sections can be ready in 24 hours!
  7. Non-corroding materials; FRP products do not corrode and have excellent chemical resistance.
  8. Quality Assurance; StifPipe™ sections can be tested before they are installed to ensure that they meet the design specifications. In contrast, for wet lay up CFRP liners, only witness panels of the fabric that are made daily can be tested at a later date. There is a high possibility of substandard installation when so many layers of fabric are to be installed under such adverse working conditions.
  9. Lower Cost; StifPipe™ costs less than conventional carbon FRP liners.
InfinitPipe™ our latest invention is a truly game-changing carbon or glass FRP product that promises to revolutionize the way pipelines are constructed worldwide. This product builds on the StifPipe™ technology described above but allows us to build a pipe of infinite length on site! The pipe is directly positioned inside the trench as it is made, eliminating all joints in the pipe and the massive transportation fees that are associated with larger diameter pipes. In addition to the advantages cited above for StifPipe™, InfinitPipe™ offers these unique benefits:
    1. Built on-site to any length and diameter
    2. No joints to leak
    3. Virtually no transportation costs
    4. Designed for any internal pressure
    5. FRP materials means no corrosion
    6. No cathodic protection required
    7. Pipe is directly placed in trench -- No installation charges
    8. Construction can begin immediately – No waiting for pipes to be manufactured
    9. Provides employment opportunity for locally-trained workers
    10. Pipe weighs 15% of conventional pipes
    11. A sustainable green technology
    12. Significant time and cost savings

    We welcome the opportunity to discuss the specifics of your project and provide you a detailed analysis of the savings in time and money that these innovative products will offer you. Please feel free to contact us for more information