Test Results

What sets our products apart from the rest of the industry is the strength of our products. Developed by Dr. Mo Ehsani (Professor Emeritus of Civil/Structural Engineering at the University of Arizona) following many years of R&D and field installation experience, these products have been designed to offer unique structural properties that make them unmatched by any product on the market. PipeMedic™ laminates, for example, with a tensile strength of over 160,000 psi are nearly four times stronger than steel. The StifPipe™ honeycomb construction allows us to construct pipes that are 3-4 times stronger than pipes that are made solely with carbon fabric. We welcome you to examine some of the test results presented below so you can appreciate the unique characteristics of our innovative products.

SuperLaminate™ Tests:
The application of PipeMedic SuperLaminate™ for the gas industry has been extensively tested by the Gas Technology Institute (GTI). In these extensive tests, it has been shown that PipeMedic SuperLaminates can be used as a liner to create a pipe where a section of a pipe as long as 24 inches (610 mm) is missing. In these tests, the SuperLaminate™ liner was subjected to a pressure of 250 psi and there was no sign of failure. In fact the measured strains at those high pressures were nearly one-third of the ultimate strain of the laminates, indicating the PipeMedic SuperLaminate™ could have withstood significantly higher pressures. To read full details of these tests, please click here.

StifPipe® Tests:
One of the most common applications of StifPipe® is for cases where the loads on the pipe are primarily from gravity loads (the weight of soil and traffic). The most applicable testing procedure for such pipes is provided in ASTM D2412- "Standard Test Method for Determination of External Loading Characteristics of Plastic Pipe by Parallel-Plate Loading". Similar tests on StifPipe® were carried out at the laboratories of the Department of Mining and Geological Engineering, at the University of Arizona, Tucson. These tests have clearly demonstrated that the stiffness to weight ratio of StifPipe® far exceeds that of any plastic pipe available on the market. More importantly, the price to stiffness ratio of StifPipe® is far lower than any pipe lining constructed solely of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP). These findings are very significant as many utility companies and government agencies are faced with repair and retrofit of an aging and dilapidated network of pipelines, at a time when available funds for such repairs are scarce. Please click here to read the details of tests on StifPipe® and how the performance of this new product compares with traditional CFRP liners.