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Recently, we were awarded the honor of receiving Trenchless Technology’s 2011 Project of the Year Award for the repair of a  100-plus-year-old  High-Pressure Cast Iron Main. We have been asked to host a webinar to educate others on  the use, application  and the technology  behind this revolutionary product. Below is your personal invitation to attend:

GTI would like to invite you to participate in a webinar on Tuesday, January 31st at 11 am ET to share the results of a recently completed project to combine two unique and proven trenchless pipe repair technologies to provide an innovative rehabilitation solution.

Earlier this year, Pipeline Progressive Management (PPM) and Public Service Electric and Gas (PSE&G) in New Jersey completed a project that brought together Starline
® CIP lining with a new reinforced fiber polymer (carbon fiber) spot repair technology from PipeMedic®. The CIP liner was used to provide general rehabilitation to the 700-ft section of inaccessible (with a portion under a railroad) leaking 16" diameter high pressure cast iron pipe that was over 100 years old. PipeMedic was used to provide structural support for a section of the pipe with a 24" long free-span inside an abandoned drip pot and vertical standpipe. GTI tested the combined technologies prior to installation to validate the system's performance.




The project was so innovative and successful that it was awarded Trenchless Technology magazine’s 2011 Trenchless Technology Rehabilitation project of the Year – the first time such an award has been bestowed to a gas pipeline rehabilitation project.


This webinar will provide an overview of the starline CIP technology that can be used to rehabilitate aging steel and cast iron mains while creating up to 50 years of additional service life. The starline process allows mains to be rehabilitated with a minimal reduction in diameter with the ability to travel through multiple bends. Additionally, services can be reinstated robotically from within the pipe without requiring an excavation at each service connection. Webinar content will also include the strategic use of reinforced fiber polymers for providing internal structural repair and support for CIP liner applications involving drip pots, large diameter abandoned tees, mains through bridge abutments and casing termination points.

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Date: January 31st, 2012
Time: 11AM Eastern


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