Awards and Acknowledgments


Notable Pipe Rehab Industry Recognition

QuakeWrap’s engineering services, quality materials, and industry-leading installations are recognized nationally by notable civil engineering and public utility organizations.





SBIR Phase Two – InfinitPipe – USDA

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) supports InfinitPipe for its potential major benefits to agriculture. Read the original USDA/NIFA announcement here.  


Gas Pipeline Rehab with SuperLaminate
SBIR Phase One – SuperLaminate – USEPA

Phase I SBIR – SuperLaminate proposal to the US Environmental Protection Agency has been approved for funding with  $100k over a period of 6 months.


PipeMedic by QuakeWrap helps win Trenchless Project of the Year

QuakeWrap’s large conveyance repair system rehabilitates a large gas pipe in New Jersey and wins Project of the Year recognition from Trenchless Technology magazine. The carbon FRP laminates used in this project are only 0.024 inches thick but are stronger than steel. You can read about this critical repair project here.


QuakeWrap Recognized for Exports, Global Economy Contributions

Arizona’s Joint Planning Advisory Council Sun Corridor Export Recognition Program for Economic Development for the Global Economy (EDGE) recognizes the export achievements of QuakeWrap, Inc., for 2017-18. The recognition is for overall export achievements benefiting Pima County as well as the global economy.


Kudos for QuakeWrap’s In-House Construction Company

QuakeWrap’s in-house installation team, FRP Construction LLC, earns kudos from the Salt Lake City Department of Public Utilities for showing positive attitudes, job site sensitivity and installation diligence during a recent culvert repair job that involved running water, bad weather and other challenges.


Kudos for QuakeWrap’s In-House Construction Company

StifPipe® won the Best Value award of the ASCE’s Innovation contest in 2016 with the following attribute:

“A Green-Sustainable Solution for Repair and Construction of Pipelines.”


Trenchless Technology’s Project of the Year Award

This coveted award recognizes PipeMedic by QuakeWrap for “CIPP of Leaking High-Pressure Cast Iron Main.” PipeMedic laminates were used to bridge a 2-ft gap in a steel pipe — remotely creating a pipe where there was no steel pipe present! You can read more about this project by clicking here.


Trenchless Technology’s Project of the Year Award

This Award was presented to QuakeWrap, Inc. for Emergency Repair of Mile Long Cast in Place Reinforced Concrete Penstock at El Encanto Hydroelectric Power Plant. The pipe was located a mountainous terrains of Costa Rica. This project holds the world’s largest single application of FRP in retrofit of a major pipeline. You can read the award announcement here. This article published in several magazines including the ICRI’s Concrete Repair Bulletin and ACI’s Concrete International.


Trenchless Technology Project of the Year Award (Honorable Mention)

This Award was presented to QuakeWrap, Inc. for Emergency Structural Rehabilitation of a Mile-Long 7-ft Diameter Pipeline. The pipe was leaking at thousands of locations. The entire repair of the pipe was completed in a record 15 days. You can read the award announcement here. This article published in AWWA’s Opflow, describes some details of the project. To view the article for Trenchless Technology’s Project of the Year Award, Click Here.


Award of Excellence from International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI)

QuakeWrap received the 2008 Award of Excellence from the International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI) for the restoration of Large Diameter Prestressed Concrete Pipelines. Over 700 feet of 120-inch diameter Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe (PCCP) was repaired by application of carbon FRP fabric. To read the full project description in Concrete Repair Bulletin, click here.