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A new FRP specification released by the National Association of Sewer Service Companies (NASSCO) provides previously unpublished technical guidance on what sewer system owners and engineers need be looking for when using high performance composites for repair and rehabilitation.


You can review the Rehabilitation of Sewers Using Fiber Reinforced Polymers guideline from the NACCSO website here

Point Repair of Solution Mining Site in Arizona @ 392 ft deep with SuperLaminate®

Wrap the laminate with an adequate tack coat. Hold on the packer as it is descended down the hole at 392 ft deep. SuperLaminate® can take 600 psi of internal pressure. More holes are point repaired with SuperLaminate®


QuakeWrap founder and FRP pioneer awarded ASCE Life Member status

Repair of 12-ft Concrete Tunnel Minneapolis, Minnesota

This design, for a fully-structural retrofit of a 20-foot section of a 12-inch reinforced concrete tunnel, included engineering for 100-psi of external hydrostatic pressure. The design called for layers of StifPipe® to be installed internally by wet layup method.


A pioneer in the application of FRP composites to repair and renew global infrastructure has been awarded Life Member status by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). Prof. Mo Ehsani, president and CEO of QuakeWrap Inc., is an ASCE Life Member in 2019. The prestigious recognition is awarded to civil engineers who’ve made a lifetime commitment to ASCE and the civil engineering profession by maintaining an active membership for the full length of their professional career. Mo has been an ASCE member since his days as a young civil engineering student at the University of Michigan, then as a faculty member at the University of Arizona. More information can be found on the original QuakeWrap news relesase here.
PipeMedic by QuakeWrap helps win Trenchless Project of the Year
QuakeWrap’s large conveyance repair system rehabilitates a large gas pipe in New Jersey and wins Project of the Year  2018