Wet Layup

What is Wet Layup?

Wet layup is designed for internal and external lining of pressure and gravity flow pipes; applied by hand or with a packer.

Basic Description

The wet layup system is one of the most effective ways of strengthening high pressure pipes. In one of the first applications of this technique, QuakeWrap® products were used to structurally line 120-inch (3-m) diameter Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipes (PCCP) for the largest U.S. Nuclear Power Plant.

In this technique, sheets of carbon fabric that are typically 2-4 ft (600-1200 mm) wide are saturated with our epoxy resin and are applied as sheets in the hoop and longitudinal direction. The ends of these sheets are overlapped to provide a continuous loop.

Our engineers will provide the necessary design calculations for the number of layers of carbon and the overlap lengths for each project. The bands of fabric will also be overlapped along the length of the pipe; this will ensure that the fluids will flow from one band to the next, like roof shingles.


One of the biggest advantages of this technique is the fact that repairs can be completed by accessing the pipe through small openings such as manholes. Even such small access ports allow the crew and equipment to pass through; once inside the pipe, the equipment can be re-assembled by the workers.

This makes this technique a truly trenchless technology, requiring zero cutting or removing of soil. Clearly, this approach offers a tremendous advantage when pipelines in congested populated areas require renewal.

In some cases, it may be more efficient to saturate the rolls of fabric outside the pipe and pass it into the pipe through the access ports. Inside the pipe, crew can deliver the rolls of epoxy-saturated fabric to the installation team.

Wet Layup

Key Features

Anisotropic, ultra-high strength materials enable fully structural designs in an economical manner.

Once the installation of carbon FRP is complete, a final top coat is usually applied to the entire pipe surface as shown here. This epoxy coating is designed to provide further protection for the carbon FRP lining.

QuakeWrap engineers will work with the client in selecting the proper top coat considering such factors as abrasion resistance requirements, the chemical composition of the water, etc.

The very low friction factor of the FRP liner will result in improved hydraulic capacity for most cases.


NSF-61 Certified-Patented Design

The QuakeWrap® wet layup system meets the NSF-61 ANSI Standards for potable water pipes and tanks. The system is approved for pipes 8-inch (200-mm) in diameter and larger, making it an ideal solution to water pipes of virtually all sizes. You can obtain a copy of the NSF certification by Clicking Here.

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