SuperLaminate™ is a new No-dig application which is developed by QuakeWrap. Instead of digging up a half block of cityscape for each public system water main leak, the engineers at PipeMedic® by QuakeWrap have devised a system allowing for corrosion resistant, fast repair FRP laminates to be deployed directly at the leak location, without the need for excavation. Development of this system has been supported by the USEPA, USDOT and the USDA.

Riveted Steel Penstock

A 100-year old riveted corroded steel penstock pipe in a hydroelectric power plant was repaired with carbon FRP.

Corrugated Metal Pipe (CMP)

A 72-in corrugated metal pipe culvert was structurally rehabilitated by StifPipe® Technology. These sections were light enough that two workers could easily push them into position inside the culvert by hand. The elimination of heavy equipment on such a remote site for pushing or pulling the pipe segments into position results in significant cost savings and improved safety for the workers.

Manhole & Riser Repair

Twenty nine deteriorated pipes in Aguirre Power Plant for Puerto Rico Electrical Power Authority (PREPA) are repaired with Award-Winning StifPipe™technology. The custom-made pipes fit snugly inside the host pipe with little loss of flow capacity.

Concrete (RCP) Penstock Repair

An 84 inch diameter, 1.1 mile long concrete penstock was repaired for the El Encanto Hydroelectric Power Plant in Costa Rica. Only four small access points were available to the pipe interior, making the project a 100% trenchless application. It took only 15 days to install 150,000 square feet of fabric. This is the longest project for repair of pipelines with FRP and was recognized by two international awards.


This video shows how InfinitPipe® technology can be used to construct an endless, jointless new pipeline or repair and retrofit existing corroded or leaking pipes. Narrated by FRP repair pioneer and technology inventor Prof. Mo Ehsani, Ph.D, PE, SE.


Introduction to InfinitPipe®,the game-changing, patent-pending technology developed by Professor Mo Ehsani, that can build a pipeline of virtually any size and length, directly onsite! The mobile manufacturing unit (MMU) shown in the video is designed to build 8-inch (200mm) diameter pipes, and the pipe shown in the video can resist over 500 psi (35 bars) internal pressure! Developed with funding from the U.S. National Science Foundation awarded through a Phase I Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) grant.


A new repair solution from the team at PipeMedic® by QuakeWrap uses an engineered FRP laminate to repair a missing section of large pipe. Many older gas pipes have drip pots that are no longer needed. Other large pipes have T-connections that must be abandoned. In both cases, a strong material is needed to bridge over the gap and create a continuous pipe in the field — all in a remote trenchless operation! More on SuperLaminate can be found at

Concrete and Masonry Culvert

Rare time lapse video of the FRP Construction team in action, repairing a culvert using carbon fiber reinforced polymer (FRP). FRP Construction is the specialty installation company of QuakeWrap, Inc., the original developers of structural repair using carbon FRP systems. This video is courtesy of FRP Construction, LLC.


Overcoming the challenges of remote repair of a high pressure gas pipe are detailed in this video. The repair won the Trenchless Technology Project of the Year Award for 2011.