Sample Projects

12-FT Tunnel-MN

This design is for the fully structural retrofit of a 20' long section of a 12' diam reinforced concrete tunnel. The retrofit designed for 100-psi external hydrostatic pressure. The StifPipe layers will be installed internally by the wet-layup method.

48-in. Culvert-UT

48-IN Culvert-UT

Patching work and the FRP installation were performed along the entire length of the culvert per design drawings.

84-in. Penstock

84-IN Penstock

5,742 ft long and 7 ft interior diameter cast in place concrete pipeline strengthened with Glass FRP. The average rate of production of each installation station was 2500 ft2 of FRP liner installed in an average 8 hour work day.

72-In TX

72-IN Pipe-TX

StifPipe was installed to retrofit a 72” diameter x 10’ long concrete pipe internally with a wet-layup construction method in a couple of days.

66-in. RCP-NJ


StifPipe was used to retrofit a 66” reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) installed internally with a wet-layup installation method in 4 days.