In addition to its several patented technologies for pipeline rehabilitation, QuakeWrap® also offers a unique pipe made on site using fiber reinforced polymers (FRP). This patent-pending technology was originally developed by Prof. Mo Ehsani, and trademarked as InfinitPipe®. The pipe is manufactured on a heated mandrel for fast cure (less than 5 minutes) utilizing carbon and glass fiber fabrics saturated with an engineered resin that would allow curing at high temperature. Then the cured pipe segment is pulled off the mandrel in a continuous manner, eliminating any axial joints. (Hence the name InfinitPipe®!)  The revolutionary InfinitPipe®’s development was supported by NSF and lately by USDA by awarding a Small Business Innovation and Research (SBIR) grant. More information on InfinitPipe®, including its applications in various industries, can be found at the following link: