Founded by Dr. Mo Ehsani, a Professor Emeritus of the University of Arizona, QuakeWrap Specializes in infrastructure rehabilitation with carbon and glass fiber reinforced polymers (CFRP/GFRP). In fact, Dr. Ehsani co-authored the first technical paper back in the 1980s on using carbon fiber reinforced polymers for strengthening structures. With its construction arm, FRP Construction, today QuakeWrap is a company of approximately 70 individuals providing design-built solutions to its clients in the public and private industry. With a combined experience of over a century, QuakeWrap’s engineering team has solved many infrastructure renewal problems that seemed “unsolvable”. QuakeWrap’s Pipeline Division (aka PipeMedic®) is led by Dr. Firat Sever and comprised of engineers, technicians, and constructors that specialize in pipelines and other elements of utility infrastructure. With more than 20 patents, we claim to be the World’s Most Innovative FRP Company. Among our patent-pending products are StifPipe®, an economical pipe rehab solution; InfinitPipe®, a joint-free pipe built on-site, and SuperLaminate®, a point repair system with FRP.