Design with FEA

Advanced Design with the Finite Element Method

QuakeWrap® provides advanced design practices by analyzing stresses, strains, and deformations on pipes and other buried structures using finite element analysis software. Rehabilitation projects can be complex and standard design practices and equations may not apply to cases with geometric anomalies, non-linear material properties and loads, etc.  The finite element method is a powerful tool to analyze such non-standard pipe problems, particularly if the host pipe strength is to be taken into account, in which case the contact mechanism between the host pipe and FRP liner as well as the behavior of the two components as a composite system should be predicted with acceptable accuracy. Fortunately, with decades of years of experience in design with FRP, multiple professional engineers, and three PhDs on the engineering team, QuakeWrap® is more than competent in providing such complex analyses to provide the clients with the most economical and feasible FRP solution for their pipeline renewal needs. Contact our engineering team for more details on how we can help you with your rehabilitation design needs.