Other Below Ground Structures

Other Applications

QuakeWrap FRP solutions can be applied to essentially any kind of buried infrastructure including storage tanks, manholes, vaults, junction chambers, lift station wet wells, and injection/recovery wells at mines and other facilities. Our designs are customized to each project depending on the type of application and will factor in loads, environmental conditions, site access, and type of the structure. Our solutions can be applied to any kind of geometry and for most cases a standard size manhole entry will be adequate to convey the materials and equipment needed for installation. The FRP solutions we have provided to date span a wide spectrum to date and in addition to pipes, manholes, and vaults, we have recently completed projects for deep well casing repair at a large solution mine with the SuperLaminate™ technology as well as applications on tanks, and most recently, a design was completed for channel lining for water conveyance with precured FRP sheets (ChannelMedic).