Engineering and Construction

Journal Articles on PipeMedic® products

Natural Gas Pipe Repair with SuperLaminate

A introduction of SuperLaminate application on Repair Large Pipes at Break Point Using FRP Laminates  

Deep Tunnel Repair with StifPipe®

This paper introduces the StifPipe® FRP technology applied to rehab large underground storm tunnel

Introduction to StifPipe®

This paper introduces the design method of an Economical FRP System for Pipeline Rehabilitation in ASCE Pipeline Conference 2019 and Exhibition in Nashville, Tennessee.

Rehabilitation Manhole with FRP

This paper introduces the design method and installation process of rehabilitation of manholes with FRP composites.

Pressure Pipe Rehab Design Principle

This paper introduces trenchless repair of pressure pipes with Carbon FRP to the whole world in International No-Dig 2019 37th International Conference and Exhibition in Florence, Italy

Culvert Rehab with StifPipe®

A new FRP solution- StifPipe® for the reconstruction of deteriorated pipes and culverts is described with a couple of case studies in this paper to the whole trenchless world in International No-Dig 2019 37th International Conference and Exhibition in Florence, Italy

Corrugated Metal Pipe Rehab with StifPipe®

This corrugated metal pipe culvert at the Arc Terminal in Mobile, Alabama was completed in 2013. Thanks to StifPipe Technology, this project was easily completed.

Concrete Penstock Rehab with FRP

This is the longest project for repair of pipelines with FRP (1.1 miles x 84 inch diameter) and it was recognized by two international awards.

High-Temperature Aeration Piping Rehab with FRP

A 42-inch I.D. and 500-ft long corroded and leaking aeration pipe was repaired with FRP with a peak operating temperature of 250 degrees F.

Large Diameter Sewer Rehab

This paper provides an overview of the design principals for gravity sewer rehabilitation with different design methods and includes case studies. 

StifPipe® : A New 3D-FRP Pipe

A lower cost 3D structure provides stiffness for pipe. The costly carbon fabric is used only as skin reinforcement to resist internal pressure. A higher-quality product can save significant time and money in many pipe renovation projects.

PCCP Rehab with FRP

Restoration of Large Diameter Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI) Award of Excellence, Concrete Repair Bulletin, ICRI,

High-Pressure Gas Main Leaking Stop by SuperLaminate

A very thin and flexible PipeMedic® laminate is used to demonstrate how a leaking 100-plus-year-old, high-pressure cast iron gas pipe can be repaired.

Culvert Rehab by Slipling with Pull-through Method

The first project utilizing custom-manufactured StifPipe™ sections was completed in December 2012 to repair a 24-inch corroded corrugated metal pipe (CMP) culvert in Mobile Alabama.

Emergency Repair to Penstock with FRP liner

In an amazing application PipeMedic® laminate is used to close a 24-inch gap in a natural gas pipe; the pipe was later tested successfully to a pressure of 250 psi!. The field application of this system for PSE&G received the 2011 Trenchless Technology Project of the Year Award.

Introducing Pipe Repair with Pre-cured Laminates

A very thin and flexible PipeMedic® laminate is used to demonstrate how an 8-inch (200 mm) diameter pipe can be repaired.