Case Study


The tests for PERTAMINA (Indonesian state-owned oil and natural gas corporation)

Field Application by PERTAMINA

PERTAMINA has used QuakeWrap® wet layup system and a special epoxy that cures underwater to repair several steel pipes carrying oil and gas that are positioned in water and were corroded.

Atlanta Sewer Pipe

Repair of 2 – 48” Diameter Pipe Ends with QuakeWrap® CFRP per design

Water Treatment Plant Piping Repairs for city of Atlanta

As most utilities in the country and around the world, the city of Atlanta has aged infrastructure including some of the steel water treatment process piping at their Chattahochee and Hemphill plants. QuakeWrap design included layers of glass and carbon fiber reinforced polymers applied externally on pipes ranging from 12″ to 72″ without disrupting service. The FRP liners were anchored into the floor with a unique design feature. The lining system was designed to take the entire internal pressure (250 psi) with safety factors well over 2.

Asarco Ray Mine Wrapping of Water Pipe

Structural Carbon FRP Lining of 10 ft long 24" Diameter Water Pipe

Chile Mine Pipe

The host pipe has 9 clamps with bolts that are at least three inches long throughout the pipe, which made external wrapping rehab very difficult. It also had a small leak on the bottom side.