Custom Pipes

Condition Assessment

QuakeWrap® engineers and technicians are dedicated to assisting their clients from inception to completion of a pipe lining project. We provide pipeline inspection and condition assessment services to help our clients with their rehabilitation needs. The inspections we perform are carried out by man entry for large diameter pipes or external inspections of any size if the pipe is accessible. We also utilize ultrasonic inspection, particularly on concrete substrates. With our extensive experience with pipe lining, we know what works with respect to the condition of the host pipe, and design our rehabilitation systems accordingly. Based on the inspection data analysis and condition assessment – which can include utilizing computational modeling with the finite element method for complicated cases – we design a system that is most feasible and economical for each pipe. There are essentially three paths to follow upon completing a condition assessment on a pipeline:

1. Leave as is – The pipe is in good condition and does not need any rehabilitation. These pipes still should be monitored and inspected periodically.
2. Rehabilitate with a semi-structural system – The rehabilitation design will provide partial structural support to the host pipe in addition to a corrosion barrier.
3. Rehabilitate with a fully-structural system – The rehabilitation design will provide a stand-alone solution that can withstand the internal and external loads