Super laminates are a new generation of FRP products that was developed by Prof. Mo Ehsani, PhD, PE, SE. Made of light weight, ultra strong materials, these products make many applications that have challenged the engineering and construction professionals for decades. In some cases, the solutions would not have been possible without the development of super laminates. Super laminates are constructed with specially designed equipment. Sheets of carbon or glass fabric up to 60 inches (1.5m) wide are saturated with resin and passed through a press that applies uniform heat and pressure to produce the laminate. Super laminates offer three major advantages over conventional laminates. First, by using unidirectional or biaxial fabrics, the laminate may provide strength in both longitudinal and transverse directions. This is a tremendous advantage that opens the door to many new applications. Secondly, they are much thinner than conventional laminate strips; with a typical thickness of 0.025 inches (0.66 mm), they can be easily coiled into circles of small diameter.  Lastly, the number and pattern of the layers of fabrics can be adjusted to produce an endless array of customized products that can significantly save construction time and money.

SuperLaminate™ Point Repair of Mine Fiberglass Pipe

QuakeWrap® used our patented SuperLaminate™ technology for vertical point repairs of mine fiberglass pipes at 600 ft deep. This solution was applied with a packer deployed down each recovery well. The SuperLaminate™ (described in detail below) was wrapped around the packer with an uncured tack coat (high-adhesion epoxy system) on the top. The inflatable packer had a camera attached to it to ensure that it is activated at the right spot, and then it was expanded by pumping air into it until a snug fit is achieved between the SuperLaminate™ sleeve and the host pipe. Then the packer was deflated and pulled out of the FRP casing, and the tack coat was let to cure. The injection/recovery well was returned to service within 24 hours upon the start of the curing process.  

SuperLaminate™ Point Repair of Gas Pipe

The Figure below shows a 3 ft. wide roll of carbon and a 4 ft. wide roll of glass super laminate next to a conventional 3 inch wide carbon laminate strip. The flexibility of the super laminate is demonstrated by coiling it in smaller diameters and by easily folding a corner of the large carbon panel. Super laminates and their components are produced with highest quality control and tested to ASTM, ISO, and other applicable standards. Select mechanical strength (laminates) and chemical resistance (saturating resin) data are enclosed herewith this submittal.